Jaime Aries!

Sometimes known as Jaime Russell; 

I am a very early career artist & not so early career writer. 
Through my work I straddle these two labels;
to varying degrees of success.
Language is central to my practice as I investigate 
the intersection of poetics and visual art. 

I am involved in the conception and production of 
Art with a capital A. 

Also, I talk a lot.

Presently I am pursuing a BA in Art + Philosophy @DJCAD with a special option in Creative Writing

If you wanna get in touch, fire me a message @jaime_the_aries or jaimearies19@gmail.com

Check out my portfolio here

I have performed/created/written for or worked with:

  • Paperhand Puppet Intervention
  • UoD Archives
  • Clash! Arts Festival @RCS
  • Lamb Gallery
  • Queer Dot Dundee
  • Unicorn Zine
  • Magdalen Magazine
  • Streetwise Magazine
  • Lush UK
  • Dreich Magazine
  • Spectra Zine
  • Juiced Magazine
  • GENERATORprojects
  • Glasgow Gallery of Photography
  • The Newbridge Project
  • Coin-Operated Press